SFT, Old SAFEX and TradeSatoshi

Tradesatoshi don’t need to convert what traders are holding. They Just need to convert the old safex coin to SFT for 0.75btc and remove old safex. So we will have sft listed for 0.75btc. when old is delisted, traders will have to migrate. TS don’t have to bother with migration and airdrop.
The only place for old will be safex.io and the price should be by circulating supply, which should be 2-4c.
Also we can list SFX for 1btc.


What happens to the airdrop SFX in this scenario?

I would assume the airdropped SFX get transferred to the tradesatoshi user’s exchange wallets.

i think it is an easier way to let TS migrate all; however, you might not want that in case there are some accounts that dont come to claim them; therefore, making them stuck forever. Is that what you were referring to?

But if TS migrates all SFX should be listed there aswell and wallets users holding SAFEX on TS should get their share of SFX, otherwise some people that might say that they planed to migrate close to the end of migration window will get angry for not getting SFX…

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Is the compromise between both possible, that SAFEX gets delisted and replaced by SFT
while TS provides the option to make a one click migration within TS?

The proposal of Dan is that TS freezes the transactions for old SAFEX coin, then migrates all coins to new SFT SFX, then distributes those coins to the owners. Then it’s up to them if they withdraw them or have forgotten their holdings.

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That would only leave the potential of two small disadvantages:

  • A little more SFT supply probably impacting the SFT price only in very small amounts…
  • And a little less SFX for developer funds…

But compared to the advantages of getting rid of confusion for new investors it’s probably worth it :slight_smile:

I will only pursue this if:

SFX is credited to the holders accordingly.


For transparency reasons they could provide you the view key of their migration wallet so you can check if the full number of migrated SFT and airdropped SFX was redistributed.

TS will have nothing to do with migration and crediting SFX. They just convert old to SFT and delist old. They DON’T convert the holdings of traders on platform. Traders will have to withdraw old, since it not going to be listed any more on TS, and do migration by themselves. It’s like adding new coin, but for 0.75btc.

This way, the ones stuck in TS will never withdraw and expire.

When i say convert old to SFT, I mean name only, not funds.
Or even easier, we just pay 1btc to list SFT and tell TS to delist old. They are going to delist it in August anyway. This is the simplest solution and we can ask for 0.25btc discount, since its same coin :slight_smile:

This is an opportunity to get SFX listed on TradeSatoshi as well. If they agree on your mentioned terms, I assume full support tech-wise from Balkaneum and integrate SFX on this exchange?

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Or just list all 3. There won’t be any confusion, bcos completely different names, SAFEX, SFT and SFX.

There is enough confusion already, without an exchanges that list all three in one place.

Safe Exchange Coin has 35 weeks left until it’s you can no longer convert it. Trade Satoshi are planning to remove it on the 1st of August anyway.

No point investing money to keep the old coin alive when it’s easy enough to convert and just trade with the new coins.


I was saying that old is already there and it will be removed in August, so just list sft and sfx now. And bcos they are completely different names and on different blockchain/address, there won’t be any confusion or trading mistakes

I fear you are wrong, noone within the Safex Community would confuse them, but if someone is new and just heard of Safex it might not be as obvious as you might think.

Imagen you just hear about Safex and think that sounds awesome, so you buy some safex and since their is a coin with the short SAFEX it’s surely what you want to get. you don’t want to border researching a lot about that project, just put 100 Dollar into it as one of your altcoins and what what happens.

When Safex gets more Media attention and rises in price you go back to your investment in 2020 and you are shocked that instead of gaining a lot of money you lost everything cause you invested in the wrong coin…

not everyone out there does their research as they should and cause we want to reach everyone we also have to consider the impulsive not so well informed buyers…

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just check all the pages having Safex Cash as a minable coin and check what price they give. Most of them use the Safex Coin price, only a part of them use CoinDeal price for Safex Cash…
And the providers of Crypto Minging Webpages are normally not the least informed people in crypto…

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Lol no, SAFEX, Safex Token, Safex Cash is confusing af.

For sure we want only at most 2: Token and Cash.

Explaining this 3 things is a nightmare. end of story.

I think OP, you misunderstand the strategy with inverting the SAFEX cmc into Safex Token.