SFX and SFT did not appear

Migrated on November 2nd 2019. Public address is 1GGnYrAZqKTt6rJstxKu5UnGxF88RoCzFF. Shows 16/16 confirmations in history but received no SFX or SFT in orbiter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately you failed to set the second half correctly.

You now need to RESET and repeat Steps 1-4

But… once you Trigger step 3, wait 90 minutes before you trigger step 4.

Alternatively, if you can read the block explorer, wait for 3 confirmations on the Step 3 txn before you continue.

Once you set both halves correctly, your previous burn will get registered.

The Migration Table will populate in about & hours after that.


You have less than 23 hours before migration closes forever.

do I use a new wallet or existing wallet

I used the existing wallet and repeated steps 1-4 as directed. Could you check to make sure it was successful. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Thanks for the help everything is good… thanks!

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Yes, that looks correct :ok_hand: