SFX and SFT migration to TWM 1.0 - SFX arrived but not SFT

Hi all, glad to see we are moving ahead with Safex.

I have recently transferred all my SFX and SFT to TWM 1.0 from previous Safex wallet but only SFX have arrived and visible.

If I go to Order History Option on the top right, near log out button, I can clearly see two transactions:

one is for the SFX and that’s ok. The other one is for SFX but how come I cannot see them credited to Home?

Do you have any idea what’s wrong?

thank you all!

I would recommend you hit the Hard Rescan button, then just walk away for an hour. Then come back and see what it says.

You have fixed the issue and helped :), it worked Aussiesloth :slight_smile:

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Hello again,

Now that I have all coins in the wallet, how come I do not have the Merchant option as per Daniel’s intro?

thank you!

I think it is because I do not have enough tokens…

It is because the Merchant tab was not included in the v1 wallet, but is expected to be returned n the v2 wallet.