SFXOS: Safex Cash mining operating system support

Today we are releasing the SFXOS: a special instance of the ubuntu server operating system fully configured to mine Safex Cash.

A tutorial for setting up the hardware and then installing the SFXOS onto a USB drive is now hosted on the safex.org website:

This thread is here for any questions anyone may have while setting up the mining rig along the way.

Tips and tricks are welcome in case anyone would like to share. :sunrise_over_mountains:


Very detailed and well structured article! Great job!


Perfect! Well explained, with pics… Thank you!


I am considering buying the components from this tutorial to set up 1 rig. Is it better to be in a pool or go solo? Also, how much daily/weekly SFX does one obtain with such a rig?


If you’re following the walkthrough, then you’ll be pool mining.

Mathematically, returns should the same… on average. And with pool.safex.org having a 0% pool fee, there’s no loss to the pool.

SFX returns will vary, depending on overall network hashrate. Returns are again just a pro rata share of total.

I believe at current hashrates, it’s about 100 SFX per day for the rig specified, but it will fluctuate (lower as network hashrate increases, and vice versa).


that’s right, mining to a pool will only make sure you get something consistently.

When solo mining over time it should average close to the same, but for example in solo mining you might go days without any blocks mined, but then some days multiple blocks found.


I got all parts gathered & installed as per instructions got to the angry IP no issues found the sfxrig-000 when I entered ip got 404 not found created a zone in ESET Internet Security allowed me to log in and enter my wallet address and submit, after one hour no HR, logged back in address saved, update, my browser on 3 computers I use ESET, seems to not allow me to update the USB config file, pulled ESET off one computer, however, seems to have something to do with the fact ESET was on the Chrome account don’t know, The workaround for temp purpose figured out by @sharan he had me save a config file on C drive then open with SSH modifying the USB (short version), then starting the rig with /sfxrig/xmrig/xmrig -c /sfxrig/xmrig/config.json