Show Github link on website more prominently

Hi, I’ve been following the Safex project for a while now and would like to comment on what I like as well as what I hope to see.

A little background about myself: I’m a software engineer working at Teradata in San Diego. I recently graduated with a BS in computer science at UCSD and work on Teradata’s Virtual Storage team.

I’ve built websites from scratch and appreciate the design and functionality of this website. It’s impressive to say the least for the size of the team you guys currently have. I can see you guys are still in the process of working on it but so far this is a great place to inform the public. Also, the explanation for the project is easy to digest and I appreciate how transparent the team is with the people about the project. I believe transparency is crucial for gaining trust and traction to allow this project to reach its full potential.

I have one suggestion, which is to show your Github repo link to your website more prominently, for example in the navigation bar. From what it seems, you guys do have an open source project for the wallet (and hopefully for Chille) and it would be helpful for us to check out the code in a more accessible way. I would also like to tinker around and contribute to the open source project, as I’m sure many others would too. While I understand the vulnerability that open source brings to code development, I believe it’s crucial to jump-start the development and bring in new eyes and ideas from developers around the world who would also love to participate in the fruition of this project.

I’m a believer in what you guys do and can see this being adopted in the mainstream cryptocurrency arena soon. For now, keep up the good work, you have my full support.


You may have already picked this up, but if not, there’s a #volunteers thread in the Slack, the invitation link’s somewhere in this forum :slight_smile: