(silly question) New wallet version

Silly question : how we know that our safex wallet is the last version ?
And do I need the latest version of safex wallet to receive my future Chille/SafexCoins ?

I ve download a copy of my wallet in a USB key. Is it enough to secure my wallet if i lose my laptop ?

thanks :slight_smile:

@NoirCap The latest version is v0.0.5:

Dan Dabek will announce when new wallet updates are available. You can also download the latest version directly from Safex.io when you select “DOWNLOAD.”

Yes, there will be an update to the wallet as soon as the Airdrop feature of Chille/SafexCash is available. Dan Dabek will announce.

You should save a copy of the wallet.dat file and your keys on your USB device. You can do this from Settings button on the Safex wallet. The wallet.dat file is a backup of your wallet which can only be opened with your password, so be absolutely sure to write down and keep your wallet password safe.
The Private Key is where your coins actually are. Anyone who knows your Private Key can steal your coins, which at the moment reside on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The Safex Wallet is just an interface for you to access your Keys. Make sure to write down both your Public Key and the Private Key that corresponds to the Public Key and keep them safe.

Best Wishes!