Silly question : what if i lose my laptop with my wallet?

No username on the wallet, only a password, so what if i lose my laptop with my wallet ?
I will lose my safex too ? how could I access to my old safex wallet if i lose the computer who hosts my wallet ?

thanks guys

Good question

My keeping a copy of your private key on paper etc. Or backing up the wallet file on a USB etc. Paper key record is probably most secure.

The wallet is on your PC

The wallet only holds the private keys and allow you to operate on the coins which are held on the blockchain.

Your wallet does not hold the actual coins, they are on the blockchain. The wallet holds the keys to unlock the address for your use.

So you can have a wallet on your PC at work and at home and they both can operate on the same addresses.

Thus you need to keep your private keys secure and maybe even print a copy out and store that somewhere real safe.


ok and if i loose the PC with my only one safex wallet, i can download another wallet and import the old key ?

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Yes the wallet is simply a way to work with the coins on the blockchain. You can have multiple wallets at once.

Also while safex is using the omni-protocol you can use any omni aware wallet to work with them. EG is one such online wallet.


thank you very much

How can I find the private key in my wallet ? I only see the public key

Sorry I cannot help but others can. I suspect though if you export the wallet (keys) then that file will contain the private keys. Read one of the safex wallet topics and you should see how. Or a kind soul will reply to you. Personally I am only using paper wallets and using’s wallet for the coins I trade with. When the air drop is approaching then I will import my private keys into the safex wallet.