So If I didn't pay to migrate my safex tokens then they are gone?

Are my Safex tokens gone if I didn’t move them to the newer wallet?

If you didn’t perform the migration process during the 392 days the migration window was open, then I’m afraid you missed the boat.

So I paid. I had to pay to keep something I paid for that dropped in value but I did not. Man that sucks, I should have never got into this.

Had you done proper research into the project prior to buying the original coins, you would know that right from day 1, the original Safe Exchange Token was simply a placeholder token, prior to launch of mainnet, and that a migration process was always on the agenda.

The transition to mainnet of ERC20 tokens also has an associated ETH gas fee. Why would you think it would’ve been any different for a BTC/Omni token?

And if you failed to maintain contact with the project for such a prolonged period of time that you missed a >1-year migration window, you really can’t blame anyone but yourself, as the migration process was broadcast widely and repeated with monotonous regularity during the time the window was open.

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