So where is the update for May 15th? Wasn't it this past wkend?

Hello- I’ve been following SEC since shortly after its addition to Bittrex and have come to enjoy the development updates that were posted every other Saturday. We never got that update this past weekend. Is everything okay? Has development been put on hold? Have the Maidsafe testnets impacted your development of SE- and the such.

SE sounds like it has huge potential for the development of Safenet as a whole and eagerly await!

All the best,

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We are making some considerations since this project is important and can not be delayed for any circumstances and we are not surrendering capabilities to anyone. Nothing else to report for now.

Thank you @evan for asking.


Last commits to the git repos were made on the 19th of April. After that the price of SEC started falling big time. Any correlation here? Have the devs abandoned the project?

definitely not abandoned the project


Could you add some context to this? I don’t follow.

Hope this clears it up: we won’t be limited to or by a maidsafe implementation of a network; we won’t depend on delays or lag by a third party. We know already what needs to be done to build a secure, anonymous, and instantaneous exchange.


Really?! Safex doesn’t depend on MAIDSAFE evolution?

That’s great news man!


Glad to hear it, but how will you avoid depending on Maidsafe’s rollout?

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hey daniel, nice to hear you are not trying to depend on one entity. did you considered lisk & ethereum version of safex? why run on one platform when u can have them all :slight_smile:

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no not going with some one else’s platform anymore if we don’t have to. I did study up on ethereum, either way we are not going there


ethereum has bigger scalability issues than bitcoin. Also ether ‘fuel’ would make safex have very high fees. The ethereum hype will die down as grwing pains begin to appear.


I’m really interested to know more about the changes you’re considering. It sounds like SafeX now won’t run on any platform and will instead be a standalone application? Is this because Maidsafe is taking too long to release their MVP or have you found it to be an undesirable platform for other reasons?

I really can not answer any further because I won’t go into a speculative discussion.

You mean you haven’t decided what to do yet? You’re being extremely opaque. Your investors deserve better than that, especially in light of Hyena’s realization above.

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sorry, but do you own safe exchange coin?

until the formalized plans are in motion, nothing to discuss really.

The degree of transparency exhibited by this project has suddenly dropped to zero. Historically that is a very bad sign. I’m guessing Daniel has decided not to proceed with it as planned and is unsure of what to do next. His investors will be strung along indefinitely.

Summary of events:

Daniel’s most recent GitHub commit occurred over a month ago at which time massive SEC sells immediately began driving the market price down from 250 satoshis to 10. In this thread, Evan asks Daniel why he hasn’t been making regular dev updates like he used to and Daniel refuses to reveal any information about the direction of the project.

I’ve seen this pattern play out over and over unfortunately. Communication and transparency dwindle, and nothing substantive is ever produced. Joel Dietz syndrome.

I doubt it that Daniel is suffering from Joel Dietz syndrome. (reputation is the most important thing that we’ll have in the end, Joel Dietz was spending investors money on a lousy party).

I fully believe in this project, so what the price of SEC dropped (the more coins, I can buy), so what if investors moved over to invest in the DAO (we don’t need investors, we need people who believe in this project and want to see it come to live).

In the long run, this will be the best exchange for your buck


please sell I want to buy…


What’s strange about that is no one (not even Daniel) knows what this project is about at this point.

We know perfectly, anonymous marketplace for crypto payloads.[quote=“dallyshalla, post:6, topic:328”]
We know already what needs to be done to build a secure, anonymous, and instantaneous exchange.

Before, we were relying on maidsafe for its platform. Today we are not, if they finish something useful before us, great… otherwise we are no longer dependent. I’ve put off network programming because of total trust in maidsafe that is no longer the case, and we will build along side our own network.

To turn a fleet around it takes some miles of distance.

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