Stagenet 3.0 The World Marketplace: November 17, 2020

Greetings everyone, we’re glad to be releasing the updated binaries for the new staging network. This is the final staging grounds ahead of the mainnet launch. This release covers several key improvements that prove integrity and ensure the reliability of the operation as we use the platform to list offers buy them and interact with each other.

The following list highlights the changes that took place since Stagenet 2.

  • Fixed 99% of warnings when building
  • Improved purchase logic
    • Better outputs selection
    • Purchase now stores hash of the offer ID, title and description, so if the offer is changed before the send, the purchase will be blocked
  • Improved output histogram RPC call
  • Removed double checks for speed and added proper checks for advanced txs
  • Fixed sweep unmixable
  • Added additional tests for double spend
  • Added tests for double purchases and other 2 advanced txs in the same block
  • Added checks for the block verification when creating a block template in the pool
  • Fix for unique cash send scenario
  • Miner tx again splits reward into digits
  • Merged develop to master branch
  • Increased token fee to 1000 for account creation
  • Reset stagenet height to 90000 and start advanced txs from height 91020

You can find the release link here where you will find the Safexd, Safex-Wallet-CLI, and safex-wallet-rpc-linux-stagenet3

The marketplace system should become active tomorrow at around 6:00 am GMT, specifically on block 91020.

For now, if you are running the Safexd node you should replace it with this new one, and join the network.


Everyone running nodes from earlier Stagenet iterations is reminded to please kill them off… and get your new S3 node up and running :smiley:


What happened to dischord? I checked my node and it stuck 31 days ago. Need some advice…


Regarding Discord… Reopening the Safex Discord

Regarding the stagenet node, we have moved to Stagenet 3. Kill off your old node, delete the bc folder, and kick off a new stagenet 3 node if you wish to keep supporting it.

I am running mainnet node.
[Your node is 22950 blocks (31 days) behind]
Have not checked for a while, running

I plan on creating an account but I was wondering for those that don’t will an account creation be required for staking?

You don’t need an account for staking, nor buying stuff. Only need an account for selling.

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You could simply…
And then start it again with the ./safexd