Staking - mixins; the number of transactions on the market

I want to learn more about staking safex and the marketplace:

  1. What are the mixins in the TMW 1.6.0? How do you understand what number should be chosen?

  2. It says on the website: “5% of every blockchain purchase transaction goes into the Safex Commission Pool and gets distributed to eligible staked Safex Tokens.”
    Where can I find out how many transactions were there on the Market? Per day, week, month, etc.
    Thank you

(1 small correction is coming to this article, as technically mixin = ringsize-1)

As for purchases, the telegram channel does a daily post of purchases, new accounts, and new items listed, along with some historical data and price info.

Thus far, in total, there has been about $40k of items purchased, mostly via the TWM wallet (which was limited to the listings).

With the publication of the Big Box Store wallet last month, where anyone can now be a merchant, we will hopefully see the community start to come together and begin building a virtual shopping mall. Actually, malls plural, as there are already two merchant APIs online, both of which are accepting other merchant listings.

Now is the time for all those Safex OGs who wanted to sell their wares to come and get involved.

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As an extra note, you can always use the Safex Dictionary to lookup a term, where it will either give you a definition and/or direct you to an article on the Safex Blog that explains the term.

And additional statistics on the marketplace can be found at

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Thank you very much for the detailed response @aussiesloth! Will review everything

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