Standalone Wallet idea

I’ve seen several people show confusion during wallet creation when, after entering addy and keys for import, it pops up in the folder window to allow for naming of the wallet… but it doesn’t actually explain anywhere that this is what is needed.

Would it be possible to incorporate an extra ‘Wallet Name’ input field in the previous section where the addy and keys are requested, and just have the program auto-create the wallet and .keys files from the corresponding input?


I will raise the suggestion with the developers and see if it’s technically possible to do.

I’ll post any feedback I get here.


Is this the 0.0.7 wallet or the new one ?

This is the new v1 SFT/SFX stand-alone Wallet.

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Oh cool. Thanks, um can I get one of those too ? Please.

Of course :joy:

And have a read of Safex Cash/Token Wallet 1.0 - April 25, 2019

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