Safex Cash/Token Wallet 1.0 - April 25, 2019


Today we released the Safex Cash/Token wallet.

You can download it for Linux, Windows, and MacOS at the link above.

This wallet supports safex tokens (SFT) and safex cash (SFX)

Daniel Dabek


I pre-recorded two videos to help users import their private keys into the new wallet, and also explore the features available.

How to import your keys

A tour of the new wallet


no function on my mac…


This issue has been reported and we’re aware of what is causing it. A recompiled version of the OSX binary will be released ASAP. I’ll DM you when it’s ready.

just wanted to inform you…

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Will the Safex Discord be reopened so we can go ask questions and get live support if we need some?

Thank you

try mac again if it didnt work . download again

still the same problem dan!

Same here.

I get a grey screen after setting a password 2 times for creation of the wallet.
MacOS 10.13.6 here.

@Rich.bate thanks so much for doing video explanations. Never underestimate the learning curve of the elderly !

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My pleasure. Crypto is still new technology. Whatever i can do to simplify the story i will. Glad you found them helpful.


Downloaded the new V1 wallet for windows. Imported the addresses created from V7 migration wallet. Balance zero for both cash and tokens but does not match the V7 migrated balance. Checked secret view and spend keys plus public address, they are all correct. rescanned the block chain several times and balance still zero. What can I do?

When did you perform the migration?

If it was after April 15th, then the airdrop script has not been run since then. I’ll confirm when the next run will take place.

Also double check that the full Safex address generated in the new wallet, matches that noted down in the v7 wallet.

Migration performed 22nd April.

very cool…thanks daniel and assuiesloth and Rich bate. Wallet up and running. And may I say it’s a very attractive blue…

When trying to use the wallet, and I’ve tried several ways; creating a new wallet and I put a password in, grey screen. And then I’ve used recover wallet with keys and put the relevant address and keys in and then it went to a grey screen. I’m using a mac.

@cummo have a peruse of the Bug Reports and responses in the Support section… you may find an answer, or if not, maybe you need to also fill in a bug report.

У меня при открытии кошелька постоянно выходит “wallet does not exist: C:\Users\Саша\AppData\Local\Programs\safexcashwallet\SFX wallet” . Windows 7. Что делать?