Status Safe Exchange\Chille project 2017

@uqaz I agree on each and every point you have made.

At this time I am wrapping up an application that makes it ‘grandma’ easy to buy safe exchange coin and manage it. I included a field where voting can be done as well. I am shooting for deploying the new Safe Exchange site tomorrow night, spill over into Wednesday if CSS takes me a bit more time.

Chille is just a backend service, I know how important it is to make it super simple to use in order to reach adoption. Also I included an education section in the new safex site, but will be a few more days of video and typing to finish there. I estimate that within a week-10 days it will be pleasure to use for both crypto oriented and new comers.

On the second point: Yes I believe we will include a mileage program into things to give an incentive to use these secure and high integrity routes for trade.


Awesome imagry Dally this is shaped up nice

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