Still can not see completed transfer SAFEX from bittrex

Hello everyone
I can’t see transfer of safex on my wallet.
It was the only transfer I sent so far. It was 8.01.18.
I was waiting, I sent message to safex support, but I haven’t receive any response.
Here is confirmation:
My balance on wallet is zero :frowning:
Can anybody tell me that to do with this case?

Have you tried this;

There is now 2 tabs, one for home and one for archive, if you don’t see your balance, send that key (to archive) and then bring it back (to home) and it should show your balance.

Don’t just clic the tabs !
You need to move the key from one tab to the other with the button that is inside that key.

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Great, now I see my balance, Thank You very much :wink: