Still not seeing a balance on my migrations table

I migrated tokens back in November. I did a transfer of 50 first for a test and then I did 100 tokens. The migration process all went smooth and it showed that it worked but I still dont see a balance in my wallet. I would like to migrate the rest of my tokens but I want to make sure that it worked on the small test transfers first. Will the new wallet show the migration in real time? Any advice would be appreciated.

My new safex blockchain address is 1SAFEXg6ah1JqixuYUnEyKetC4hJhztoz. Could you please see if there is 150 SFX and the corresponding SFT in there? Or can you provide a block explorer link that I can check myself?


your new address is not 1SAFEXg6ah1JqixuYUnEyKetC4hJhztoz that is the burn address

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you dont send your safe exchange coins directly to that address, you need to use safex wallet v7 to do the migration it will generate a new wallet with new keys and migration table that will show your migration balance after sending safe exchange coins to your desktop wallet v7 and migrating you will also need a small amount of bitcoin to do the migration as well.

Thanks for the reply. Ok yeah thats my mistake about thinking that was my safex account. I got that from the Omni explorer and forgot about the burn address. I did go through the migration process as shown on the youtube video done by Dan and it all worked fine. The migrations table just never showed my migrated balance. I’ve been told its ok but I would prefer to know it all worked correctly before migrating the remainder of my safex tokens. I did the migration back in November so it should have updated my migrations table by now. Now I’m wondering if this is a glitch or if something went wrong.


Do you see a red reset button in your migration screen? If yes it means it didn’t go through. Is there also any safex pending or all shows zero?

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when you migrated did you get a secret key and view key with a new wallet address? if so i sure hope you wrote those down youll need them to import your tokens into the new wallet

This was a few months ago but I remember everything going through just like Dan’s video. The only thing that didn’t happen is the migrations table never updated to show any balance. I’ve refreshed the wallet many since but no change.

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Yes I got the keys and have them saved. I guess I will just wait till the new wallet comes out till I migrate the rest. Several people have told me that the transfer went through and not to worry but I prefer to verify that my i tokens went through before sending the rest.

Thanks for your assistance

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Hey there, thanks for getting in touch. Likely what happened is between step 4 and final the page loaded faster than the transaction went through. You may need to reset the process: you can choose this option: and use the same keys from originally:


And at Step 4 don’t click next right away so fast. Give it a minute.

Hi Dan

Thanks for the info. Just a quick clarification.
“use the same keys from originally” - Are these the keys that I got when I was doing the migration process?
reset the process- Are you saying the first two transactions didn’t go through? They are no longer in my balance on my wallet.

It can happen that the New safex Adress is not sent completly cause it is splitted up into two transactions.

IG thats the case the migration Script cant Figure out where to send the Tokens. If you reset the Adress and send it again but complete the Script will realise it next time when run and then will send the safex Token From your previous transaction to tgis New found Adress

And yes, it’s the Adress you creared when trying the migration first time