The Increasing is coming!

So we’re very close to the next block reward increasing.

Right now miners are getting 60 Safex Cash per block. In roughly 27 days (block 262,500) it will increase to 130 per block.

We’re already starting to see more miners take interest in Safex. No doubt, this will increase substantially after the reward increase.

Will we see a struggle of power between hashrate share across known and unknown pools?

The last 27 hours we’ve seen a substantial increase in hashpower on the network, from the average of between 3.5 to 4MH daily, now up to over a peak of 12MH, averaging at around 10MH.

I’d love to get a discussion going on this. If you plan to start mining, or are already mining, or whatever the case may be - let’s discuss!

In combination with the marketing plans discussed on Discord yesterday (i will get the audio recordings uploaded ASAP), i think this is an amazing time to get involved.


I don’t mine, but did I hear sft and sfx can be mined by regular laptops ?

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Only SFX

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So, would making that feature known in our marketing help with our advertising ? We laptop mine and you don’t , kind of a message ?

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All the references to CPU and GPU mining of SFX on the website and elsewhere…

Laptops have a cpu in them, and possibly even a suitable gpu in some instances :wink:

In fact, on the day the new Blockchain launched last year, I solo mined a block with my old laptop, which was giving me a whopping 12h/sec while running a node. :laughing::laughing:

But you do need to consider the cooling capabilities of a laptop compared to towers and mining rigs.


So from an advertising prospect , laptop mining is a good thing !

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Laptop mining is possible, but from an advertising angle, I really don’t know. I’m not a marketing guru. Go google crypto mining with a laptop… I’d imagine there are warnings about possibly cooking your device, so it may not be the smartest thing to do 24/7 with a lappie.


True, I did it quite a lot with my zBook, but that’s a laptop with decent cooling. A lot of laptops today don’t even have a fan anymore or a quite and weak one, in this case I would be very careful (or at least use a cooling pad underneath it)

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If only I knew a super good marketing guru,( rich Bates) I could ask about this idea ! Hhmmmm

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I did a tour video of it a while back:

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It looks like the hash wars has settled down a little bit.

We peaked at 56.5MH/s and the network handled it beautifully. Now we’re settled around 10MH/s to 15MH/s almost 50/50 split between the known pools and ghost pools.

I think when folk caught on that there was a ton of cheap hash power available on NiceHash there was a big power struggle and contract bids trying to out-bid each other. Was fun watching it.


you can also run it with varied % utilization setting



image Not recommending it, but have been mining with laptops from the start, mostly 100% on utilization setting never had any problems with old Toshiba or new HP Pavilion. Rewards are small but still enjoy the fact its available.
Now using 25% on utilization and getting 64.00 H/sec but won’t run if for more than an hour a day


So interesting to learn about new stuff, thanks