The Show Must Go On!

This has happened. That aside;

I just want to say, mostly to the development team but also to everyone on the forum;

Do not allow this setback to affect the timeline of the project. The reduced trade available for the Safex coin(?) has no reason to effect the continuing development of the project. Stick to the roadmap that was put forward and make the non-believers regret dumping their investments!


@StrangeCharm sorry mate - I’ve been from exchange to exchange trying to figure out whats going on. What really is happening and/ or where can I find out please?

Everything is going as planned, even better

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If you want to go through the endless threads regarding Bittrex and Cryptopia go ahead. Its redundant information at the moment. All i’ll say is if you want to buy/sell is live.

Personally, I’d like to see all those Bittrex and Cryptopia threads aggregated and placed into a special archive.

I would label the archive “Pit of Misery”, a FUD post dumping ground. Available to people who have been forum members for 30 days or longer to see it.

So many of the posts and threads were simply a waste of space.


Ditto Nate. The threads are pretty chaotic and don’t serve much purpose now. Same questions keep getting repeated.

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Great news!:sparkler: I just checked the daily trading volume on Tradesatoshi and if I’m not mistaken, it appears as thought we have already crossed the USD $100,000.00 daily trading volume threshold that is required to list this exchange on Coin Market Cap under SAFEX.

There is a form on CMCap that needs to be submitted asap. I don’t feel like I have the authority to do this, so I was wondering if there is “one” person on here or a dev who can do this? Please & thanks!


Any news is good news boys and girls.

I don’t know how I feel about trade satoshi dictating safex’s value, espically if It has just listed it without reaching out to any of the safex team.

I have no idea why I’m even here,I have only 30,000 worthless tokens,And I say worthless because,even the most lame coin can get on an exchange, stay trading on an exchange,and show investors it can grow from that point…Not somehow,fall behind the worst coins out there,and get their support moving on…Sorry,You guys need to see these guys are lame…or 2 guys,and a girl…Gonna be huge!!!..yeah…SMH

Wouldn’t the value they show be kinda erroneous? I would think that their SAT value would be based on the trading only on their exchange maybe… The volume seems so little in comparison to the actual market cap of the coin. I hear you thought, its super weird. I guess its just awesome that theres so much buzz behind SAFEX right now, Im so pumped about this project.

Ill buy your coins, how much?

I will take your coins if they’re worthless. Would u like my address so u can send them to me

Haha, exactly. Have any worthless Apple stock too?

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Lol. Well, I have no intentions of selling my holdings at all. So far, the value has continued to hold and has increased slightly. You could be correct however, in staying under the radar for a while until the Team can make more progress. Pump and dumps really suck and bring counter productive publicity. I HATE that. Personally, I think steady, controlled price appreciation is much better.

Look,Im not an idiot,I bought into this in June/early July @ .027 cents,at the pump,because of this site,And now have given up,I put 3500.00 in Siacoin,and Digibyte YESTERDAY,I’m up over 50% on both today…Unlike it seems most of you,I want money now…can’t make it here…I’m OUT !!..The $810.00 I paid for those coins,I may of made while typing this,In coins I can trade…PEACE

I think I’m just looking at it from a risk point of view.
If I were on the safex team, I wouldnt want any unknowns bring the project down. Trade satoshi is so small in trading volume, who’s to say that they can’t just freeze wallets and take all the safex for themselves. Rob people and then the project would have a bad rap, everyone loses money, safex loses crediability! I honestly think, hold your safex and trade on a trusted exchange which is endorsed by Dan. Maybe I’m being to cautious…

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I dig that man… I feel you. Good luck and godspeed, I think 2018 is the year for the ALT coin. Continue the gains and kill it! And if you seriously want to offload the coins, then let me know…


I’D sell them for .05 cents,27,745 $1387.25…Don’t know a safe way to do that

So they are not worthless then u are just impatient and didn’t research this coin now I see.