Trading Advice

Hello everyone and I hope all is well!

I have a been disconnected and not keeping up with updating wallets and news … etc. However, I have a bunch of safex tokens (original safex) I stored offline in an older wallet that I’m sure is now outdated and new wallets are out as well as a new coin (Safex cash). What I’m trying to do now is possibly bring my safex tokens back online or acquire more safex cash.

I am wondering what might be the best move, considering the cost of moving, converting, or selling.

If someone could give some insight on which wallets might help achieve this and what’s the best approach, that’d be very helpful.

Also, if someone could provide links on where i could find what the tokens are used for vs what the actual coins are for and more background reading material that’d be very helpful.

Thank you in advance

Abe :pray::pray:


See point 1 for your old original Safe Exchange Coins.

See the last line of the OP for link to infographics for info on SFT, etc.