Transfer questions

Im looking to transfer my safex shares from coinspot to the safex wallet. Just would like from hear of anyone who has done this? And if there were any problems.

Just done that few minutes ago and everything was put fast in my wallet…

No worries…

Cool thanks alot.

I just downloaded the safex wallet. The status bar is not green like in tutorial. What is the next step thanks for your help

Wait for it to sync up? :slight_smile:

It says synchronized but no green light

Then i think dandabek has to step in here :slight_smile:

My wallet synchs up fine with green light on Win32 version, It transferred from coin spot and confirmed it Via the email. Been 1/2 hour and cannot see the coins in the offline wallet yet. Coinspot charge 100 coins to transfer out.

I transferred all coins from coinspot to safex wallet all is great i downloaded the .dat file keys and tried it on another computer all good. But still no green lights

Hi all… Hi Nelson, any change?
I have Safe Exchange with Coinspot as well. Is there a benefit in transferring them to a actual Safe Exchange wallet?
Am new to coins in general and my introduction was the rise and fall over the last day or two.
Sticking with it though. :smiley:

Yes there is a benefit. You will get the airdrop of chillie coins and a divenend very year. Plus it’s much more safer. Watch the tutorial and do what can says to do. Download the wallet and make sure u remember the password. And download the .dat file take your time and you will be fine

I have the wallet open and showing green lights, synced. Where will I find the .dat file and I will look now for the video. Thanks for the advice.

Just type in tutorial in search bar

Let me know when you find it. I cant find the install folder. The export function might send em somewhere for backup ?

How long did it take for your coins to arrive from Coin Spot ? I still waiting since like 6.00

It did not take that long for me. There could be alot of traffic

Please watxh the video. You will find it in the search bar

Thanks Nelson. I have a feeling i put the correct address but i did not type in how much i am receiving on software wallet.

Shows still pending on coinspot so maybe they gone home for the night.

Did u confirm with the confirmation email? And you have the right address