Transferred safex tokens to bittrex btc address by mistake


please i made a mistake and sent safex token to my bittrex bitcoin address from my safex wallet. Bittrex says depositing tokens to btc address might result in loss of funds. What can i do now please? In my safex wallet the transaction is still on pending. is there anyway i can stop the transaction?

@frucheche depending on how many it is, they will only recover for you if the total value is 5,000$ +

Since this is all blockchain land, once you told the network your transaction; there is no way to take it back (the beauty of the blockchain really).

it was 50000safex … that should be about 1500dollars…it is still on pending … can that be stopped?

It can’t be stopped; if safex reaches 0.10$ you’ll be able to easily notify Bittrex to return you these coins; otherwise you are sol (sorry no luck)

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It says within 7 days of deposit … what happens then if 7 days elapse ?i wont be able to notify bittrex or what?

damn it…what a horrible mistake i made…

The transaction is still on pending … what happens if it doesnt go through? could it be reversed automatically?

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good to know, thanks

The only way it wont go through is if you put a fee that is too small; did you do the “fast” setting?

i put the very slow … the least fee … is that gonna help? i pray it does …

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It does, because if you set the very slow fee; it’s possible that you will get your transaction back after its in limbo for a while.

It is still on pending showing -50000…my total fiat amount beside is still 8200dollars for a total of 200000safex coins…

i really hope the transaction doesnt go through …

how long does it take for the transaction to stop after staying in the limbo cycle? better asked … how long does it stay in the limbo state before being cancelled?


could take days or a week depends when it gets dropped from the network.

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thank you Dan for all the replies … thanks for your input … top customer service …

i appreciate that very much …

i really do hope the network rejects this transaction … that is my last hope …


Best Wishes frucheche!

I will say a prayer on your behalf.

I sincerely hope you are able to recover your Safex.

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Hello …

i recovered my coins … i actually decided to import my private key in omni online wallet … after i did that … i then transferred funds from there … luckily enough for me … the transaction was still on pending and my balance still the same … i used the very cheapest transaction fee option…that is what saved me …

if it is on pending and your coin balance shows 0 … then there is no chance …

so for the future and for any person else who makes such a mistake … this should be the solution …

as long as it shows pending and balance is not zero … then hurry up and do transactions using omni wallet …

just to share so others will know what to do in such a situation …

This is solution to a cross chain transfer …



I don’t really get how did you manage to recover the coins but congratz!

Very happy for you :slight_smile:


Very smart on your behalf ! Thank you for the VALUABLE information!

you are welcome … just trying to help out … someone might one day fall into this as well

I send DGB by mistake to DOGE coin address on bittrex
Amount is still Unspent. Bittrex support is saying refer crosschain policy and we cant help you for this

I want to try your solution. How did u get private key for bittrex address ? I think thats not possible to get private key for an exchange