Tropix: Altcoin Trading Robot for Bittrex and Poloniex

Trade automation for exchange and exchange. Several supported pairs, post or message me for adding more pairs to the bots.

Post if any questions or requests.

Poloniex pairs:



wow good job!! Now we gotta get SEC on there!!!

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thanks @zeb, I’ve also added multicurrency to the autobuyer on poloniex. There is a menu of pairs to choose from, happy trading mr robot :wink:

additional update is poloniex auto sell

maybe you should officially message Polo about having added them??

So is this playing one pair against another (arbitrage) ?? Or just being able to buy different currencies

It is not doing arbitrage.
If using buy:

It will check the order book of sellers, it will take the first one in the list: the lowest sell order, and buy it up to the max quantity set… then it will wait until the timer expires and do it again. So if your max is 10 and the order has an 8 there, it will buy 8 then wait until the timer is over then check the order book again if the first order is 11 it will buy for 10 and then wait for the timer.

The sell bot does the same just in reverse.

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Additional update to tropix is now permitting you to choose between margin trading or non margin trading,

This means you can now use the automated trading on poloniex for margin trading as well

Updated Tropix for DAO and LSK support for poloautobuy and poloautosell

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Shouldn’t you be working on the safex platform?

tropix is completely an important part of safex platform, @sfcoin please stick to the topic, thanks. If you have some questions relevant to tropix that would be ontopic.


Push support for BTC_ETC (Ethereum Classic) pair

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Update to README and added BTC_DCR pair

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Update on Tropix, added a Bittrex Auto Buy and Sell; these are useful if you want to try and buy without going all at once, or to sell without going all at once which helps to not pump abruptly or dump abruptly.

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Dally, you should make a videos how to use these robots.

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support for ZEC now added

hi there, im totally new at this trading robots topic, any guidlines about where to start? some advice? Appreciate ir pal, Thanks

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@daniel891025 I do have on the whiteboard to do: Make Tropix Robot Tutorial.

I will try my best to get to it this week! :thumbsup:

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I was just about to say that I agree with @Marko!
Cool, let us know when you do it :wink:


New trading tool update:
Trade History Analysis Buys vs Sells on poloniex

goes back 36 hours

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