Trying to Identify BTC transaction when I bought SAFEX

I bought some SAFEX tokens in December 2017 and I am trying to identify the BTC transaction that I sent to SAFEX.

I can’t do that with my SAFEX wallet because I sent the BTC to SAFEX and then SAFEX deposited the tokens in my wallet about 24 hours later.

Is there some way I could check the transaction ID and confirm that went to SAFEX?

Hi @Bohun.

Just to confirm, you bought Safex from the website?

If so, during the buy process, did you choose to have the Safex sent to your Safex address, or did you have an address generated for you?

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I believe I had an address generated for me.

I still have the BTC transaction ID I would just like to confirm that it was the transaction when I bought the Safex