TWM Safety: Security,Seed,Keys,BackUp etc

I did search upfront, and did not find any post addressing this:

As I understand the TWM Wallet hasn’t got the option to create a Seed Phrase, Keys etc like the old Wallet - is that correct?

If yes, Why?
…is it so “Safe(x)” that it’s totally hackproof, or why the change?

If you restore a wallet you already had, then you use your preexisting seed/keys during the restore. (Not withstanding the bug for restoring from keys in the current TWM v1).

If you create a new wallet, you do indeed get the seed/keys generated by the TWM wallet, and furthermore, they are immediately presented to you in a popup when the wallet first opens.

For any address, once opened in TWM, you can always access the keys/seed by clicking on that button and entering your password to get them displayed.

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Thank you, I did seriously not see the little “key” symbol & button next to the address line.
Now all saved.

PS: “immediately presented to you in a popup when the wallet first opens” they did not If I recap correct; but maybe I am wrong.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Only for brand new wallet addresses, not a pre-used restored address