Unable to Join SafeX Slack

Hi Support


I tried to put my email here and i did not receive a notification to my email. Do you all know what is going on with this?

Thank you!

Not completely sure about this, but a while back Dan Dabek moved Safex off of Slack in favor of Discord.
Are you part of the Safex community on Discord?
You can go to Safex News, https://safexnews.net, and go to the Discord link to register your email to be notified when the next active Discord invitation becomes available.

Best Wishes!

thank you… i went there, looks like i can only que to enter… are you inside as well?

Found this link on the Safex Reddit site:

I’m on Discord but usually check this forum most of the time. I hope the link works for you.

Best Wishes!!

thank you! it works!