Unable to send Safex coins out of Safex wallet


Just few hours ago i’ve sended Safex coins from Bittrex to my Safex wallet but then i tried to send it out of the Safex wallet but it seems like sending is not working properly. When i press on send it tells me i ve not enough Btc in my wallet to pay for the fees. I dont know how to transfer Bitcoin to Safex wallet and i missing the feature to convert Safex coins into Bitcoin to complete the transaction. Normally the fee has to be paid by Safex coins and not by Btc. Because Bittrex also take a amount of Safex coins as fee.

How can i send Safex coins from my Safex wallet to Bittrex? Please help.

It appears obvious you need to transfer some additional btc to your wallet.

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Just send a very small amount of BTC to the SAFEX address. SAFEX piggybacks off the BTC blockchain, so the same address could hold both BTC and SAFEX.

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Did you get this sorted? because i have the same problem, doesn’t matter wat way i turn there is a blocker stopping me from cashing in my safex. i tries from 3 different exchanges to put a bit of bitcoin into the safex wallet to free up my safex coins but i get an error on sending the btc to the wallet.