Update to new wallet didn't go as planned?

So I went to update from wallet v0.02, to v0.05. I exported my encrypted wallet file, and then imported into the newly installed wallet. But my safex did not appear in the new wallet. It is still in the old wallet. What did I do wrong? I followed exactly what Dan showed us in the youtube wallet tutorial.

Archive key and than unarchive.

Sorry I’m not quite understanding that reply.

The wallet has an archive and a home-screen. You can switch between home and archive screen with the buttons. You can archive adresses/keys if i.e. you don’t use it anymore.
You can un-archive keys as well, to bring them back to the homescreen.
To try to fix your problem,

  1. click “archive” button of your addres,
  2. then go to the archive screen,
  3. and click “to homescreen”,
  4. then return to you home screen
  5. your screen gets a refresh and your balances will be shown probably
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This post is exactly why this forum needs to have mods and organisation.

The forum is not that bad really.

Now, if I had made a post like, “Hey bennylava, send me your private key and password and I’ll fix it for you” and wasn’t completely ridiculed for it, that’d be different.

A lot of us don’t mind helping people out, it’s just frustrating to see constant posts asking the exact same questions.

Fair enough. We need some sticky FAQ’s at least

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Gotta be honest, the process makes me kind of nervous. So to be safe I transferred my safex to the exchange, then uninstalled the old wallet once they were there. Then transferred them back to the new wallet and removed the Hard drive from the computer. All that other stuff seemed pretty sketchy, especially since it wasn’t exactly a dead simple process. Seems like there is some way your coins could be lost in the process if something went wrong.

Of course I still control the private keys if the coins just disappeared, but I don’t see anywhere in the wallet where you can just “Enter Private Key” and then it checks the blockchain and the coins then appear in the wallet. So imo the wallet still has a ways to go. Hopefully later versions will make things much more simple/easy.

Is there any way to just enter the private key? I’m curious now. Say I still had my private keys, but the house burned down. Everything was lost, but I had the private keys copied and stored at family’s house, and in a bank safety deposit box.

What would I do with my private keys, to make my safex show up again in a new wallet? Do the wallets even accept private keys as a means to sync up?

You can quite easily import a private key into the safex wallet. As long as you have your private key safe you are all good.

Transferring to the exchange so they are safe? That’s the exact opposite of what tranfering to the exchange does. You have also wasted money on transaction fees and will lose safex when transferring back to a wallet. There was no need to do that at all.

I tried doing it in the way the video instructs, the addresses appeared, that much is true. But the safex never did.

Send to archive than send to home

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Whoa! That worked. I don’t know if I somehow screwed up when I was following the video, or what. Can anyone explain why that actually worked? Why did you need to do that?

Known bug, and that’s the fix.

So its official, none of this was my fault lol. It was a bug! That is why I couldn’t get it working. At that point, making a sticky wouldn’t work unless you left it unlocked where everyone could comment. Lots of forums are real fond of locking stickies for some strange reason.