Upgrade to wallet 5 - pending and more balance?

Hi there,

I just want to post my experience and hopefully somebody can shed some light on this.
I sended some Safex to tradesatoshi a week ago (using SLOW function), but it is pending for one week now. Never received any Safex to my deposit address in tradesatoshi.

Today i updated the wallet to 0.5 but now i can’t see my balance anymore!!
What’s going on guys?! What do i have to do to get this sorted out??

As far as the wallet is concerned, click the ARCHIVE button and then the HOME button if your Public Key is not displayed.

If your Public Key is displayed, click TO ARCHIVE and then TO HOME.

Not sure about Tradesatoshi but it could be that you chose the Slow function. Most recommendations are to use Fast or Medium. But again I’ve not done any commerce with this exchange.

Best Wishes!

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