URGENT: Migrated 419805 coins yesterday(No migration table/sign of SFT & SFX Coins)


I migrated my Safex coins yesterday (Nov 30th), made sure to do all the steps correctly and wait the 5 hours as instructed in other threads. It has been now over 12 hours and I don’t see a migration table nor any balances in the orbiter wallet. Under the history tab for my public btc/safex address it shows 16/16 confirmations for Safex and 84 confirmations for BTC. I checked omniexplorer and blockexplorer to make sure everything was sent correctly. I cant find any errors and I’m not sure why the migration table with my balances isn’t populating. Please advice on what to do…

Here is my public address: 18YYuGXXGctgic5zJBFX4NrY81FDAWy4zU

Looks like you’ve figured it out and got it sorted only moments ago.

Txn pattern looks correct for a fail, followed by a reset and successful set of both halves.

Now just wait for the Migration Table to populate.

Yellow highlight = burn.
Blue = set both halves correctly


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Thanks man! I’ll wait a couple hours for the migration table and if it doesn’t populate I’ll ping you for help.

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