V0.0.7 Safex Wallet - Import Issues with Omniwallet


I have a couple of wallets (on omniwallet) that I have backed up as a .json and I’m trying to get ready to migrate using the v0.0.7. I am trying to import the wallet, but it keeps telling me “failed to load target wallet: invalid password or corrupted wallet data”

I tried downloading the wallet again from omniwallet and tried it again and it still doesn’t fix it. Apologies in advance I recognize I’m not super educated on the backup process, I just thought the json file was all I needed for access as long as I knew the password. Is there another password that I am supposed to have written down? The password I remember is one I made up, not a generated one. Is there another method to import?

Thank you

Watch this https://youtu.be/qp_AxQgM5Gk