V7 wallet does not seem to actually link to mainnet

Hi Dan,
I have been mining for a little while now, and have a small safex cash balance. I am able to check this balance via CLI wallet. I am currently hosting a node and wallet on a VPS.
I downloaded V7 of the wallet, linked my current mainnet address that I have been mining to, and migrated 5 safex coins over as a test. I was expecting to see an extra 5 tokens and 0.011 cash added to my mainnet address once complete, but that’s not what happened.
The 5 tokens and the .011 cash showed up on the V7 wallet balance after blockchain confirmations, but it doesn’t seem to really be connected to mainnet because my mannet wallet still shows 0 token and my old cash balance. The V7 wallet shows 5 token, and only the new 0.011 cash balance. It seems as if they are separate and V7 is not truely linked to mainnet.
I have verified my mainnet address used on the V7 migration and on my running CLI wallet and they match. (not a typo) I also copy pasted my secret view and spend keys directly from the CLI terminal window, so I know those were accurate too. I feel like even if I messed up the view key so the V7 was not able to see my balance on mainnet, that my CLI wallet would still find the balance.
Again, it seems as if the V7 wallet cash and token balance info is not really coming from mainnet. It seems as if it is just being saved as a placeholder, and migrated balances will be credited to the real mainnet addresses at a later time. I beleive this may also be part of the reason the send function was not enabled on the V7 wallet…because it’s not really connecting to mainnet…just appears to be.
I look forward to your reply Dan. I am going to hold off on migrating any more of my coin until I can be sure everything is working correctly.
Thanks for your help, and all you have done for the community!!


i had the same issue/question. here is what Dan said in response: I don't see migrated tokens

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I did see your post, but “ubuntu wallet” didn’t hit me as CLI terminal wallet on first read. I just thought you downloaded GUI again for linux, tried restoring, and saw no balance.
Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I thought I might have pasted something wrong when the balance still wasn’t found on my CLI this morning.


Sorry for the confusion; the next version v8 is the “Safex Cash” wallet; where you’ll be able to use existing “migration” safex keys; or import previously used; or create a new safex key;

We’re wrapping that up in time for Black Friday