Video Tutorial: Migrating the old Safex from the Bitcoin Blockchain to the new Safex Blockchain

Here is a video tutorial on the migration process from myself.


Excellent guidance :clap:
Good to know migration is being run on a weekly basis


You heard the man, don’t hesitate to get your coins migrated so you can move around in a new world of Safex.
This is my wish also :pray:


@dandabek, two questions

If I want my balance to be in 2 safex addresses can I do 2 migrations from one BTC address or do I need to split up the balance into 2 BTC addresses and migrate each

I thought the safex cash only had 4 decimal places yet the video showed more in the safex cash being “air dropped”


You can hit reset, and put your other safex address the next time around

Yes originally; although there are 10 decimals, I am expecting to only make use of the 4


The new world of safex…so cool



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did the migration process and downloaded the safexcash wallet then imported my keys and I don’t see my 124 safexcash that suppose to be in my new safexcash wallet

When did you migrate?

There is a manual step that Dan must perform. He usually does this once or twice a month

I just migrated today

go to the settings and hit rescan

If you only did your burn today, you need to wait for Dan to run the actual migration script against your burn.

No date is currently scheduled, but if I were a betting man, I reckon we’ll see the next scheduled date announced in tomorrows weekly update.

i hit rescan and nothing happened

I’m sure Dan missed your comment where you stated you only migrated that day.

You have to wait, as per my previous post :point_up:

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