Voting out illegally activity

When the market place is up and running will investors be able to vote down access to the market by illegal activity such as certain types of porn and weapons?


It’s an interesting point that we will need to deliberate in the upcoming weeks.


Personally, i don’t think it should be of our concern what the coin is used for.

I don’t think those developing Monroe are concerned. That’s an issue for those operating the illegal websites facilitating buying and selling, and also the US government to deliberate on the regulation and laws required.

Showing your ability to control how and where the currency is applied, shows your complicity in any future use of the currency. A hands off approach where you are simply the technology developer not its overseer is more appropriate.


Sooooooo… you would feel comfortable receiving a dividend from the transaction of child pornography?


… that could go for anything… that’s like saying so you feel comfortable wearing nikes knowing they were made by a 9 year old in a sweat shop… Or buying a diamond that may have come from Africa and resulted in the death of innocent miners or children … It’s an anonymous market… you got to expect these things… All money that is made is made by somebody getting fucked over somewhere, somehow down the line…

But I don’t think anybody likes it… As long as your not directly involved in the production or purchase or kiddy porn, yea I think it’d be alright… That’s what the government is for right? As we can see they have and will go after those kind of gross people…

As far as drugs , I believe meth/heroin are horrible, but people should be able to privately buy marijuana at least. But honestly if we were truly free , people should be able to put whatever they want in there body substance wise.

Either way, whatever way anybody wants to look at it… porn is not going anywhere, it will always be somewhere. Drugs too.

The wealthy and smart has always made money on the weak minded addicts… We are a world built to consume… and consume we will. to the end.


But I agree with Steve,. That’s not the intention of the chille blockchain, nor was it the Intention of tor. If these things happen it will be the person doing it who will be at fault and have to worry. Do I feel bad making money, nope never have.


I think saying ‘that could go for anything’ is too broad. You cant lump drugs and child pornography into the same category. What people do with their own bodies is up to them. Non-consensual abuse - towards someone of any age - is, by definition, not up to them and therefore morally unacceptable. What is legal or not legal is not of concern to me. Only what is morally acceptable. Of course that boundry is going to be different for everyone which means a vote by coin owners (effectively shareholers) would give a relatively large group of people the ability to project a moral standard onto the marketplace. Where, I believe, these voters would not be interested in demonising one drug because another - already legal - drug funds their campaign trail but may have a problem with the selling of stolen credit card numbers or ransomware that will be used to screw your grandma out of her life savings to get her photos of her grandkids back.

As for saying ‘thats what the government is for’ isn’t effective as this project is specifically designed to take the government out of the loop… anonymity to its highest degree and impossible to shut down.

I am obviously in support of the ideals this project is aiming for otherwise I wouldnt be here but I do believe there must be an opportunity to ‘suggest’ a moral boundry.

I dont mean to take a project still so young and start pushing non-tech related subjects onto it but its a subject that will have to be addressed sooner or later.

(To clarify… I dont wear Nike or own diamonds… but I get what you’re saying :wink: )


I think it’s an interesting proposal. Peers aproval can policy the network Very well


Please understand that illegal and immoral are two completely different things. As we’ve been more than made aware of by every democratic republic on the planet. What some would consider illegal like alcohol in Saudi Arabia is by no means considered immoral. But whereas as age of consent is 12 in the Philippines. Which could be considered immoral but certainly not illegal.
If we take a look at any of the poor examples of free markets that exist now. People care more about chille peppers and tobacco than anything else. If you do any research at all you would see how far off in your thinking you are. If you’ve been here long than you can see that the development team is clearly decent human beings.
Take that into consideration when your creating these hypothetical.
In a free market there will always be things that geographically you may consider illegal but not immoral as well as vice versa. These are not in the control of those who create the market. That is for the market to decide. To which as i said earlier is much tamer than your thinking implies.
@ealabhan Keep in mind that if I were to say. Sell my .50 cal to someone in New Guinea. Morally I would see no problem with that but legally I would be in the hook in my respective country as a strawman sale. These are things that each seller and buyer have to take into account on a truly free market.


I really enjoyed all of this philosophical conversations , all of you made really good points…


Another point is that once “you” become judge of right and wrong over what happens on the system then you become (somewhat) accountable for what happens. It is an important shift legal wise. Its not unknown for arrest warrants to be issued for people in certain countries because of what they did/allowed elsewhere. Wikileaks is an example, he will be arrested if he steps foot in most of the world because he pissed off the Americans.

So if “you” decide what is right/wrong and allow say leaked documents to be sold when you could have stopped it then you might one day find “yourself” on a watchlist when entering the USA


I certainly respect and laud the ideal of a free unfettered market or I wouldn’t be a holder of Safex otherwise.
There’s got I feel a need to have a pragmatic approach will common sense applied or potentially the chille market could go to the way of other darker markets which were admittedly set up with more sinister aims. Its known for example that some of the weapons used in European terrorist attacks have been traded on there platforms.
It’s a fine line to tread but with such and planning I suspect we will get it right big time

@ealabhan I don’t want any of that stuff either (obviously)

But if chiilie (safex owners) take on the role of regulators, regulating the items put up for sale/exchange then safex owners also take on the responsibilities.

This is the principle that ISPs operate under. They do not regulate the data flowing over their networks, including the sick garbage, and because of that they have “common carrier” status which means they are not responsible for those things. Same goes for News Groups (usenet) where the people who run the servers do not regulate the content on the newgroups servers they operate and as such are not considered responsible. Yet reported that all the worse of humanity is on there as well as all the good stuff.


And from debate consensus will arrive. It’s very early days yet.

Although I dont really have anything to add to my previous post I just wanted to point out… I stated quite clearly that it was a question of morality not legality and at no point did I insinuate the developers didnt care.

@Rob some good points. Although if I got the opportunity to be part of a democratic that can, collectively, say ‘**** you take that sale somewhere else’ I think its a responsibility I wouldnt mind having.

Furthermore, in all honesty, I imagine most peoples moral compass (including mine) would shift slightly when the dividends we would receive depend on the amount of transactions taking place. It would be only the most extreme cases that would be rejected.

Going back to the voting system… I do not think the developers should make the decisions but what about the people? Although in recent years the democratic system may have been corrupted, weren’t successful societies of the past built on democracy? Aren’t we, right now, as a democracy, helping the developers build an FAQ?

Even if we move away from the direct moral implications… Down the line when the marketplace is exposed to the ‘general population’ and picked up by mainstream media, do you want the headlines to be ‘New platform provides anonymous marketplace for {insert morally outrageous product here}’ or ‘New anonymous marketplace fights back against those looking to exploit the vulnerable’ … which do you think gets people on board and increases your dividend?

(Just reading back through this I feel like im argueing against the very principles that projects like this are trying to protect. Its extremely difficult to find a balance)

So it’s leadership from the devs harnessing the decentralized intellect and voting of Safex holders?
You are right balance is needed between revolutionary zeal and the need for acceptable mass adoption on the Chille market. Difficult but I am sure it’s achievable.

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The trick is not to vote on the content but the person offering the trade. That way you are not regulating the subject/content, but rather the person who the community does not want using the chillie trading.


Ya. If that is more effective at maintaining the ideals, the result is more or less the same. :slight_smile:


That’s a good idea