Voting with Safex Coins

It is still in a very early user format, all command line, but voting is now possible.

The poll module takes a base64 private key that then allows you to form a poll which is printed out in your home folder to a directory called make_polls

Then you can share this file, and using the vote module you can put the path to that .poll file. This way you can import your private key and sign a vote based on the choices from the poll. The Voter then generates a vote file.

Next steps is the validation so that you can feed a poll file, and all the vote files and extract an answer that is validated against the hashes, signatures, and public keys, along with the amount.

Included is a base64 bitcoin key generator; this is in an early state and we will continue to develop on it.

Note: this can be used to form a poll using any of the omni coins, through indicating the Smart Property parameter. MAID = β€œ3” and SEC = β€œ56”


Can now form a poll,

Form votes against a poll,

And validate all votes with a poll.

How to use:
start the poll app,
fill it out, generate a poll file

… share that poll file,

using the vote app, import the poll file and generate a vote,

… share the votes,

validate the votes by putting the original poll file into a directory along with all collected votes: get answers.


it’s to complicated I dont have a clue how to use that

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no worries, it’s going into a UI as well

this one is command line, yet it is complete


Great work dude, exciting times!