A couple days ago I withdrew coins from Cryptopia, sent to my Safex wallet and wallet still says $0 this am. I have the transaction history from Crytopia that says completed. Any advice what my next step could be? I want to be loyal and hold onto Safex for the long term, and am staying away from all the FUD! :slight_smile:

The same situation. I withdrew coins from TradeSatoshi where the transaction is complete. OmniExplorer.info says the same. Does anyone know why the coins are not delivered to the wallet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Click “TO ARCHIVE”, go to “ARCHIVE”, click “TO HOME”, go “HOME” and check if coins are there.

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They are :smirk: Thanks :grinning:

Unfortunately still no go :frowning:

I have history from crytopia saying transaction completed :slight_smile:

thats strange. Did you check your transaction: http://omniexplorer.info/transactionsearch.aspx

I searched and found it on omnie explorer!!! How do i get to show in safex wallet? :slight_smile:

I’m trying to send some coins from my SafeX wallet to trade Satoshi but says I don’t have enough bitcoin for the fee. How do u get bitcoin on there. Can u swap it for SafeX ? Sorry I’m a newby

I am so sorry to be a pain, i am fairly new to all this. I am getting really worried my safex coins :frowning: 2 days ago i looked up and found on omnie, today it doesnt show and even if it shows i dont know what to do. It showed going to safex.io. Cryptopia withdraw shows history of transaction being completed but i cannot find he coins anywhere. Please Please Please Help?!?!?

Click “TO ARCHIVE”, go to “ARCHIVE”, click “TO HOME”, go “HOME” and check if coins are there.

No go. When i do that the address does not match address showing on crytopia history.

I have TransactionID and Address. Not sure what to do with it?

Did you make withdraw to the address that is in your SAFEX wallet?

Not sure. How can i veiw my address on my safex wallet to compare to address sent to from cryptpia?

In cryptopia go to withdraw history an check under address. Does it match with your SAFEX walet address?

Ok, I have cryptopia withdraw address. Once i’m logged into my safex wallet how can i view address?

i exported unencrypted keys and 1 of the 8 public keys match the cryptopia withdraw address!
What can i do next? :smile:

Go to your wallet, find the address and see if coins are there. If the address is not in your wallet home check archive. If its in archive, send it to home

I found them!!! Should I click to home on left side or should i click send?