Wallet down?

Ive never had a problem getting into my wallet until right now and with whats happening with bittrex is making me a little uneasy! can any of u accesses your safex wallet?

Relax… the post above is exactly what cryptocurrency and Safex are about. (Can’t answer your wallet question)


Probably an influx of demand. If anything it shows that more people are holding SAFEX rather than dumping it as they need to move it off the exchange.

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Myself and other friends who have safex are going to Hodl. I believe Safex will bounce back, it would be cool to see it on an exchange though.


I have the same problem.
I cannot sent my coins from my safex wallet to bittrex.

What the hell?

Just send them straight to my wallet… i’ll give you $10 :wink:

Hey … export with your private key to omni … and from there u can transfer to bittrex … open up an omni account if you do not have one … i did that before and it worked perfectly…

The omni node for the safex wallet appears to be down; I am on it to get it back up and running.

use the online wallet …it is much faster

Can you send out a Discord invite?

I’m also having some issues sending. Its just says pending for 2 hours but the block explorer shows “There are no transactions involving this address.” If I put it through on “Slow”, how long will this usually take to transfer? Can I cancel it and try from the online wallet?

@cryptbro in this case the transaction didnt go through;

The issue is that we are getting a ton of simultaneous traffic on the wallet; dealing with it asap.

OK… Thanks so much for your speedy reply! That alone says great things about the safex team as I know how busy you guys are at the moment. From a support standpoint that is grade A response time.

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And i just paid that dumb fee to move them to bittrex . my trading life in a nutshell

When can I retry? Is there a way to cancel it? Its just stuck in pending… Thanks

Hello, if it is pending with and your balance of safex coins is not showing zero then import your private key in omni online wallet and do the transfer from there … i did that 2 days ago and it worked … Your pending transaction is gonna remain like that for days … u cant keep waiting for that …

even after importing my private key in omni and doing the transaction … i can still see the pedning message in my safex wallet … it is not gone …

use omni online wallet … that should work …

Thanks for the tip! Does it only allow you to transfer with the “fast” option? It seemed very expensive when I tried that this morning… Thanks!

Head over to Safex News:

Click Safex Discord to request the link.

Best Wishes!

Wallet won’t sync and my safex coins not showing up? Anyone else have same problem?

I also can’t transfer my bittrex coins to the wallet I downloaded. Wallet says: Synchronization error. Try refreshing later.

Good think I only transferred a fraction of my coins. No idea where they are. Hoping this can get resolved. I want to hodl, but they’re making it very difficult by their official wallet not working.