Wallet import issue on windows and linux

I have had a issue ever since i had to reset my pc. After installing the latest version of the wallet on windows 10 and importing my wallet I noticed I can’t archive or unarchive. I get the message “error communication with wallet file” or something very close to those lines. After closing the wallet and opening it up again I have the options to import or create a new wallet instead of logging in, so I have to import it every time I want to see my wallet. On linux I can I archive the wallet and unarchive, but i still have to import every time I want to view my wallet.

Steps I have tried to fix this on windows 10:
.uninstalling and reinstalling
.uninstalling and reinstalling as well as deleting the files in roaming, local programs and local temp.
.trying the wallet on a different os
.trying older versions of the safex wallet
.restarting pc
.trying older versions of my .dat file
.running as admin
.running in compatibility mode

I have the private key wrote down somewhere in the house, but I haven’t tried importing it after creating a new wallet, I just don’t want to back up everything all over again (although I know I will have to once we move to a new blockchain).

You’re supposed to import it every time you want to see your wallet.

Not sure why you cant archive unarchive on windows though.

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Thanks for your answer, not a big deal just more of an annoyance for me, but I rarely open my wallet anyway.
I"m assuming creating a new wallet and importing the private key is the only way to make it stay.