Wallet not synchronizing...BTC balance zero

I log into my wallet however I’m showing zero balances. How do I get my balances to reappear and get my wallet to resynchronize so I can buy more Safex with my Bitcoin I have stored in my wallet?

You can buy without syncing

So as long as I know how much btc was in my wallet I can make the transfer is that correct? My btc is in my safex wallet but shows a zero balance.

You can look up directly by searching the address in Google if the wallet isn’t syncing up.

Or look for websites that shows BTC blockchain info.

Searching which address? This is irritating…why the hell is my wallet not synchronizing?

Your wallet address

Did you ever solve this problem? I am having the same issue. Shows zero balance in my Safex wallet, syncing doesn’t help and I’m on the latest version of the wallet. If I check on omniexplorer it shows my Safex balance as it should be. I figured it was just an issue with the wallet syncing but it’s been like it for a while now, getting a bit frustrating.

I believe what I did was private key and when I did so my safex popped up into my account again and everything was synchronized. I do know at the time I was experiencing my difficulties the wallet was experiencing some issues and updates.