Wallet recovery

Good afternoon. There is a problem - the hard drive in the computer has died, all the Files with the keys are lost. But there is some information about the transactions. With the help of available information, it is possible to restore access to the wallet or funds?


You can perform recovery of the hard drive. Don’t over write it; unless you had the keys written down; there is only one way to recover the files and that is from the hard drive.

Assuming that it is not corrupted, you should be able to have data recovery get all of your files from the hard drive.

If you had a good size sum on those hard drive, then the cost to recovery won’t be much impact vs value of coins on it.

This was an article submitted to Safex News but i never got round to listing it yet. I think it might be quite appropriate to post it here as it’s an experience of one community member when their HDD died and got specialists to recover it.

I am likely one of the few Safex holders who was careless enough to lose access to their account by not having their private keys and .dat filed backed up, and who managed to regain access to their funds. Yes, I got my Safex back.

I am writing this for the benefit of others who find themselves in this painful situation.

Here’s what happened. I was in the process of updating to the version six wallet and, to make a stupid story short, ended up with two wallets that had the same password.

To my alarm, the new wallet had apparently created a new .dat file and I was no longer able to open the original wallet with my Safex tokens.

So I logged on to the Discord chat room and many kind people gave me suggestions about how to remedy the situation. However, nothing worked and it seemed very likely that the .dat file for the original wallet had been written over. I searched my computer in vain for a previous version of my .dat file.

The next morning as I looked online for any bit of help I came across ads for data recovery services. I called one company and when I mentioned “file overwritten,” they flat out told me I was out of luck. You cannot recover a file that is overwritten, I was told.

The next company I called gave me a shred of hope. This company is called Apex Data Solutions, in Petaluma California, and I was not shut down upon mention of “file overwritten.” The gentleman’s name was Joseph and he said that if there is sufficient unused hard drive space, sometimes a file is not overwritten as much as pushed aside, and the file still may be somewhere on that drive. He suggested I close my laptop immediately so as not to create any new data bring it to Petaluma.

I gave Joseph my Bitlocker key to disable the firewall on my Surface Pro 4 and he set to work.
A couple days later I received an email update saying that preliminary scans had found nothing but other software programs could dig further. Joseph said I had about a 50-50 chance at that point of the old .dat file turning up. The email concluded by wishing me a good weekend.

A few days later an email said that the deeper scans had found a multitude of .dat files including a safexwallet.dat file last updated a few months before I had made my catastrophic mistake.

I collected the laptop, raced home and, miracle of miracles, the recovered .dat file and my password opened up my original account - and my Safex tokens shimmered and danced on my screen.

Of course, the very first thing I did was make proper back ups of my private key. I am by no means a Safex whale but the amount I have could make a big lifestyle difference as time goes on. It would have been quite painful to watch valuation shoot up and be unable to access my tokens.

For those who deem me foolish to create such a predicament, I accept your criticism. However, the only bit of bad news in this whole situation is for all other Safex holders; my dividends will not be distributed to you - they will be locked in and I will receive every last bit of that currency.

By Wadeko

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HDD physically destroyed. And I don’t have any backups at clouds

in wht way is it physically destroyed

Well i was also stupid enough to lose access to newly created address in 0.7 version where i transferred my assets and convert them to token+cash… In 07 version i can see transaction but is there a way to import this address into new wallet without keys?