Good day

I have migrated my coins in July. I recently downloaded and try and recover my account on the orbit wallet. No balance. In my old SAFEX wallet there is two migration tables and with further investigation I realized that I tried to recover with the wrong table address. I have the correct wallet address with all the keys but I cant recover the account as the file that was used cant be used more than once.

Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

My safex and cash coins are showing in the migration table. I just need to get the coins to show in the new wallet.


Logout of the previous wallet you imported, then import the other one.

And name it a different walletname during the process.

Not working. Remember I’m trying to recover. Even if I change the name of the file it says it has already been used. I even uninstalled the wallet and tried again. Is there any other way as I have all the keys.


This doesn’t make any sense to me.

You simply logout… it takes you back to the start screen.

From there, you can Recover using Keys and import a different wallet address.

Note: have you set the Orbiter program to run in Administrator mode?

Im not logged in. When I double click the icon on my desktop I go straight to recover wallet. When I try to recover with different wallet address and keys it does not allow my to attach the file used. Even if I change the name of the file.

No, havent set it to administrator mode. How do I do that?

Cant use any of the wallet files. When trying to recover it says wallet key already exists.

Right click the Orbiter file and go through the tabs.

Screenshots please.

Sorry for the stupidity but have no idea where to do this.

I cant replace the file.

That’s the screen it loads to when you start the program?

Yes. I dont know what I must do actually

I just want to be clear… you double click the icon on your desktop and that is the screen that appears?

The very first thing?

Yes that is correct

Have you tried deleting the walletname and walletname.keys (whatever you called the wallet when you created the first one) files from your PC before you open the wallet?

No I havent. But which file will I attach because they ask for it?

Is there any other way to recover the coins?

Kind Regards

Your coins don’t physically exists on your PC. They only ever reside on the blockchain itself. So long as you have your private keys backed up safely, then you can simply delete whatever wallet files are there and start again fresh.