Wallet Transfer Not Working

I’m having issues with my Safex wallet. I have coins in the original wallet(opposed to Safex Wallet 2) and i’ve been unable to move these since I first transferred them in. I was unable to transfer them to Safex Wallet 2 on that computer and have since bought a new computer. Likewise, I’m unable to transfer the coins to a Safex Wallet on my new computer nor a Safex Wallet 2. I transferred just enough Bitcoin to process the transaction but it keeps saying that I don’t have enough BTC to cover the fee. Please help

would you mind sharing some screenshots of what is going on?

I appreciate your response Daniel, I actually figured it out on my own but this isn’t good news because my new computer broke 2 days later and I lost 35k coins. I’ve been a long time believer in Safex but I can’t trust hardware wallets on Apple computers which is what I use. I’m not an expert but it appears that, given my computer broke and apple replaced it free cause it was defective, is it impossible to get my coins back?

Did you not save Private key?