We want to buy safex direct from https://safex.io/,

Hello We want to buy safex direct from https://safex.io/, we have safex windows wallet want to buy direct from safex and not on exchange Can someone pls explain proceedure Thank you

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I will sell you on nice price I have 60k safex.

Why did you make two topics about this?

New to forum admin pls delete post in other category posted in error

Thank You

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Go to safex.io, click on get and choose how many coins you want. I think current price is 1100satoshi.
If you want cheaper, PM me

Or just go to tradesatoshi, they’re pretty good actually.


thanks for the reply’s is there a service like shapeshift or exodus that you can exchange a certain crypto to safex ?


Its just btc to safex atm

Hi Hulk! I want ot buy Safex

How much would you sell for?

Hi, Can i buy?

Hi Chadnynassif… Why dont you just buy on Tradesatoshi? Its a good little exchange, with relatively low withdraw fees. The price is low at the moment, about 180 sats

please compare prices both on safex.io and tradesatoshi before you buy it. I heard prices are too high on safex.io. Also avoid buying it directly from anyone unless you really trust someone.

Agreed, prices direct from site are extremely high. It seems like that exchange is an okay place to buy from

I will sell you at 300 sat

ok I will sell at 180 I don’t know whats price now

If you check the guys previous posts, all he tries to do is put people off trade satoshi, and spam about selling coins. Yet now makes out he is ignorant to the price there.

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Anybody wanna sell with PayPal?

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I’d like to buy as well

I hope SafeX trades back on coinspot.