What's going on with exchanges?


When all the delistings happened, we were supposed to eventually get exchanges. Now months (years) later we’re still waiting. The coinmarketcap page looks like this:

No volume at all in the last four days. Livecoin has disappeared.

What’s going on and what is the team doing to fix this?


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I’m wondering the same as well.

If you want to see more bullshit, just watch this video from @dandabek from almost a year ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCX9JKwQAmo

Watch from beginning to end and count how many fake promises he made. It’s unbelievable.

“Any day now” (an exchange). “In talks with other exchanges”. “Quarter 1 [2019] dividend earning”.

He promoted this site: http://products.safex.io/

Who knows what the plan was there but apparently we were waiting for “exchange integration” to launch it and of course it never happened.

It’s time for Dan to go if we want this project to succeed. Years of fake promises is enough.


Rich is trying to fix Livecoin issues with them. I am positive he will get that straight.

But if you expect more exchanges to come, you can pretty much not count on that. When Dan helped design and launch xcalibra exchange for Kines, that pretty much sealed safex listings fate. I dont see Balkaneum ever paying for another listing.

Dan has already publicly stated, after xcalibra launch, that safex should be listed for free on exchanges and he wont be paying.


I am a bit amazed by the mess up on Livecoin, our volume really started growing there.

In the meantime I made a good connection with an exchange that is on the rise. Their CEO attended our event that we hosted in Israel during this week.

It’s called shortex. This exchange is well connected with liquidity providers who trade on their exchanges, and the intentions were to be a steward of safex.

The raise is ~3 bitcoins. If we can get a statement from the exchange to support safex, and make some kind of commitment in the form of an SLA, I think we should go for it.

If about xcalibra, there is now market making taking place on the safex cash market, and can now see stable orders with a tighter spread, and this support is going up on token as well.


Thats quite a turn around to pay for an exchange after saying you wont and safex should be listed for free. Good on u for trying to get another exchange


With the reasonable listing cost, and the SLA I see it more as us as a community hiring a dev team to steward the coin. In the end we want to have 10 exchanges for safex, as many as are possible.

with the price increasing of token and cash, I hope we can figure out reasonable deals with exchange teams, in a more transparent manner.


I’ll support exchange efforts after my $sft and $sfx are off of LiveCoin and the marketplace is released.

I think more exchanges are needed, don’t get me wrong…I just think it’d make more sense once the marketplace is released and there’s demand for the coins. Also I don’t think it’s going to be easy to do another community crowdfunding at this point in time. People’s coins are at 2 year lows in terms of value and won’t likely want to put in more money from a psychological standpoint.

Just my two SFX.




fix lc first, we need our stuff back

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What world do you live in where the price of SFT and SFX has been increasing? We’re at all time lows thanks to you.

If that guy says we will get a new exchange listing or if he says the marketplace is being released by October 15, you can bet all your soon to be worthless SFT and SFX that it will NOT happen.


What are you talking about? We completing the software.

All time lows is only price and not in work done.

I have no fear. Even likely I am the biggest at risk in Livecoin.

I can only say if you are so demoralized, just put your tokens/cash into a sell offer, and patiently wait to be cleared. and go on.

I can not baby sit the fact that you can not see what is being done with software development which takes place right in front of you. And that development will reach a point where world trade is supported. If you don’t see opportunity, and understand that this doubt is what causes price, it is not my problem because price does not make development faster/slower.

I am not dependent on price of tokens/cash to fulfill the vision for the world marketplace.

Really, if you have only negativity to contribute then please exit your position. Or change your attitude or just don’t write.



This isn’t being “demoralized”. It’s being angry. You have been lying to us for years about this project. There were impossible deadlines that were given and many many fake promises about upcoming exchanges. And there’s more of this coming from you in this very thread! You’re still at it! Stop pretending this is people who are “demoralized” that are replying to you. It’s not.

Telling people to sell if they’re unhappy is incredibly stupid but really not surprising coming from someone like you who has no idea what he’s doing. People bought into this project because they believed in you and what you were saying. They can’t just get out now. It’s not that simple. Also if people don’t believe in you anymore, do something about it instead of just dismissing it. That’s not helping.

For proof just look at current price. If people believed in you, we wouldn’t be at an all time low. The price reflects confidence in you. No one has any confidence in you anymore. So the price tanks and continues to do so and this will not change. Everything you say now is considered bullshit right off the bat. And you don’t even realize it.

The theory behind this project is really good. It’s the best crypto project in the history of cryptocurrency. But it’s in your hands unfortunately. So nothing good can ever come out of it.

For the good of Safex, resign now and let someone competent take over. It’s urgent.

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considering that every gram of funding comes from pocket, and ask me to step down is hilarious.

I am on the dirt floor right next to you, the difference is that I am ultra active.

Many things I assumed wouldn’t take so long, like making a company and deploying capital. If all things went perfect then my deadlines wouldn’t be off, the good thing is that everything I say eventually becomes reality, even if it is a bit late.

The marketplace application is in the final stages. Unless someone has a secret dev team and been building, well, then let’s see that pull request to github we’ll be happy to review.

We started out as a community of 171 people and 50,000$

Since then the vision has always been the same: a decentralized marketplace.

Where it rests: the safex blockchain in the end.

Here we come, everything will be well.

I’ll also take a moment to mention that many urgings in the past have been made by others, and many often moves I chose not to take turned out to save our skin in the long run. So I will continue to do that making sure that things get done so they can last.


Fine. Don’t resign.

In a few years we will write a book called “The Safex Failure” and document all your actions from the past four years. Future crypto projects can learn what NOT to do if they want to be successful.

See you on October 15 with a functional marketplace and dividend earning and 500 million dollar volume after six months!

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Um the only failure I see is you @jford18 not getting your point across, everything takes time a diamond in the ruff, there has been slow and steady progress done by Dan and the team he himself built Considering you want clockwork and have no understanding in this tech delays happen and sometimes for the better. Ever hear of the saying "You want some cheese with your whine? How a lot of people are feeling about your post.


while i do agree on some points, rather one…BUT i also agree if we pushed last year we’d get shit. I am worried we’re not there yet still since there’s no finer granulation of our path. We just are informed its coming. This coming has been long lasting. And also the price is due to LC (our biggest market…by far) being locked and trust me Im in great pain right there having paid stupid amounts for sft which is now locked down and inaccessible. And the russian asshats are just slow

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I definitely see and understand a lot of people’s frustrations with this. At the end of the day though, unless we are in the office with Dan, in his shoes or coding with the dev team, none of us can really say how things should be going or how long something is taking. I am in the same boat as many of you but at the end of the day, if we have waited a few years for this to come, what’s another month or maybe a little more (but hope not haha)… look at Elon Musk with Zip2, PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX… How many times was he told he was doing it wrong, taking too long, resign etc etc… Look at where his vision has taken him and those who waited while he did the hard yards so we can reap the rewards :blush:
Again I understand and have been frustrated myself but how much will we laugh down the track when we look at these prices. If it goes the other way and down to zero, well it’s all apart of the experience and learning from it.
Just my two SFX :+1:


Good points all around. Can there be a visual representation of work that has been done so far even if not complete. e.g. a video of MP functionality at current stage or the like. Similar to how we saw the ATMs in rudimentary form (the video of fiat passing through the internals). Unfortunately, the updates are in Greek to a lot of us, including myself. So while they sound impressive, we visual noncoders couldn’t tell the difference and prefer the concrete over abstract. It would be a way to allaying doubt without compromising the important work.

I’d love if Rich represented as a formal, additional face of Safex (if he wanted to). Aside from his worthy tutorials and levelheaded discord style, he seems to be a good speaker as well.

Sad that exchange drama continues to be part of the legacy, but I’m still hopeful.



I really can’t believe you haven’t had your account blacklisted, for all the crap you talk in here.

Your deplorable behaviour is only exceeded by your seemingly complete lack of knowledge about the obstacles that Dan has had to overcome to get the project to this point.

Is Dan perfect? No. None of us are. I’m sure there are things in our past all of us could’ve done better with the benefit of hindsight. I take into consideration that Dan is only 27 and think back a couple of decades to when I was that young. What he has achieved thus far with his life is phenomenal.

The code is being written and the proof is on GitHub for anyone to see. At this point, if Dan says we get a MP next month, I’m inclined to believe him. But if his estimation has a hint of hopium in it, I wouldn’t blame him for that either.

As for the code…

  • Fee distribution (rev share) :white_check_mark:
  • Account creation :white_check_mark:
  • Sale item offer declarations :white_check_mark:

The coming weeks will no doubt see the remaining few components completed.

Of course, I expect you’ll crawl under a rock once MP launches and not bother to apologise for the crap you’ve been saying to Dan.

But please, surprise me. Be a man when the time comes and admit you were a shortsighted troll.