Where are my SAFEX?


I posted in another thread. This is an update.
As per MrJ’s instructions, I have waited 48 hours since my withdrawal of SAFEX coins from Bittrex to SAFEX wallet. To be exact, it has now been almost 53 hours.

My wallet’s balance is still not updated.

Yes, the wallet address typed was correct.
Bittrex marked withdrawal as ‘completed’ after 15mins.

I’m starting to panic.

Where the F are my coins?

What is your address?

Also did you post this kind of question to Bittrex first?

My address is 1LCmiQ44yoVQP3Hw1Ejy3tLRefyTBfKnf7
Amount of transfer was 15120 SAFEX.

Did not contact Bittrex yet.
EDIT: and TxId is: 23db1bad96af84e10de025b14e4b083334a2673c0dd298154694d7f67f6a22ba

The coins are still not in my wallet yet.

looks like a Bittrex problem… http://omnichest.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=1LCmiQ44yoVQP3Hw1Ejy3tLRefyTBfKnf7

Look at the transaction history, they didn’t even start to come over yet…

Alright, so I contacted Bittrex.

Looks like my transaction got orphaned, whatever that means, and they had to manually cancel it and refund the coins.

Matter is solved now.

Thanks for all the help!