Where to buy and sell SAFEX

Wanted to sell some of my Safex. Is there any way to do that now as it seems all prior exchanges delisted Safex? Thanks!

At the moment, no.

I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. We’ve got a whitepaper and other things landing soon, and then tweets like this:

We will be on other exchanges eventually if not soon. Have patience.

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Big Thanks for the information…McAfee must know that Safex will be big down the road with their technology.

You can trade among community members if you urgently need / want safex a trading channel. On telegram has been setup here : https://t.me/joinchat/GW8P8EwsNqlqlAr3I61nhQ

If you don’t want to use telegram then of you are apart of the discord you can use the #trading channel within their to go about exchanging as a temporary solution.

what rate do you want to sell for?

I personally am selling for 225 satoshi per

Fuck off scammer.

Go to tradesatoshi. There will be others soon.