Who is preparing what for the upcoming blockchain

As you know the company I work for is working on a project for the upcoming Blockchain: Possible application of the Chille Marketplace to the Oil Industry

My very own company is working diligently on getting music listings ready for the blockchain: https://fpeblockchainsolutions.services

What I would like to know is : are there any other individuals or businesses out there that are preparing for the upcoming Blockchain? What are they doing exactly?

Out of curiosity :slight_smile:

if there’s a few individuals on this forum working on projects for the upcoming blockchain, I’d like to suggest a conference call or a video call to introduce these projects to the community?

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Just a suggestion from a complete outside point of view from a potential customer, the website design looks great. However maybe you’d be better off using a separate domain for each, one for blockchain solutions for energy markets, and another for music markets. Tying them together in one service seems quite random and frankly would be-off putting to somebody who was looking specifically for one or the other (which is going to to be literally any person who visits the site).

That way you could tailor the links, design etc better for each market.


Thanks for the feedback @timmytommy, it’s really appreciated.

I will definitely give it some thought, although I have to say that my business, since inception in 1995, has had an integrated structure rather than modular. It was much more integrated than that prior to, let’s say, 2014.

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Hello FPEGroupLTD,

I’d like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to Safex and to this community!

You are working in earnest to promote and prepare for the upcoming blockchain and are an asset to the community.

I purchased Safex as an investor but also with the hope that I might one day launch a business on the marketplace.

I’ve been thinking about how I might do this and hoping that some direction and resources will be made available from the Safex Website: Safex Website Update Proposal.

Not all has been flushed out yet, so I’m also wondering if the Safex website is going to be the “gateway” to the marketplace or will there be access by other means.


I spoke to a few Ambit reps about the idea of allowing their customers to make payments using cryptocurrency - Safex.

They like the idea.

Should I make it happen?

This is the company’s website: http://ww2.ambitenergy.com

This is a billion dollar business.

I am not totally sold on the idea but if enough people think it would make sense I will make it happen.


They (Ambit) are a respectable business fulfilling a worthy cause.

They have a very good presence on the East and West coasts of the United States and also in Virginia and Texas.

I live in Connecticut and they have an energy consultant not to far from where I live, although I’m not currently purchasing my energy needs through them.

But they could perhaps be a valuable addition to Safex and the new marketplace, and they have gotten some good reviews!


I also think Ambit is a legit business, and that the negative reviews we see is the result of faults by individual consultants.

Enabling Ambit clients to make payments using Safex would bring good volume.


Very real business this Ambit is


Ambit Energy Service Area
Ambit Energy is proud to provide electricity and natural gas service to Customers from coast-to-coast: California, Connecticut, Delaware,Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland,Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey,New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

If you can really makes things like this happen then yes please make it happen! I also seen pictures of the work pertaining to the Oil industry,very impressive if true. Sounds very exciting. We all want to know more