Why is safex coin value 0 in the wallet and shows no value?

The value is .16 why does my wallet show 50k in coins are valued at $0

IIRC this is a bug and will be sorted in the future :slight_smile:

I have the SAFEX Wallet downloaded if I send BitCOIN to the wallet does it convert it to SAFEX


please i made a mistake and sent safex token to my bittrex bitcoin address from my safex wallet. Bittrex says depositing tokens to btc address might result in loss of funds. What i can i do now please? In my safex wallet the transaction is still on pending. is there anyway i can stop the transaction?

In my safe wallet the amount of coin is 0. But when I check the adress on omniexplorer I can see that I have 15 000 Safex (transferred from Tradesatoshi 1 month ago (???)).

Is this normal?