Why still so many questions about wallet usage despite safex wallet tutorial?

There are so many questions about how to use the SAFEX wallet for new users, and there are no go to resources for them to look at. The known SAFEX wallet bugs can be really confusing as well.

It can definitely be a bit difficult to know how it all works, especially for people just getting into the crypto space. We need video tutorials to show them how to buy, store, & send SAFEX.

Even the simplest things seem obvious to us long holders, to a newbie it’s a whole different world.


You mean like the one they already made?


Lol that’s true, I’m just basing this off the number of threads on both the forum & discord asking help for wallet support. Maybe those people just didn’t bother to watch the video?

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lol, hardly anyone ever bothers to do their own research!
I made an FAQ on reddit ages ago and we kept getting the same questions posted there anyway!

Right now Dan has lots of work going on coding and promoting Safex. From what I understand the “ease of use” phase of his work will come during beta coding and testing


Right, we’re still is beta phase, so it’s not really public facing yet. It’s kinda expected that the UI isn’t optimized for everyday people yet (although I think it’s quite easy to use, compared to many other crypto wallets I’ve used).

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If you can’t figure out the Safex wallet then you probably shouldn’t be messing with cryptocurrency. It’s the best and easiest to use that I’ve seen out there… and it’s current version is 0.0.3 for pete’s sake.


I havnt seen any questions in regards to how to use the wallet really. The questions are generally based on how dividends etc work via the wallet.

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Great article, mate. Happy to see the visionaries are moving out of the shadows. Kudos!!


hi i asked about question and my question answer doesnt on anywhere so if you are so smart about why dont you put an answer to my question with a reply then

What was your question??

i have enough btc for the fee but my transfer is stucking on the pending like 12 hours.

If it’s pending it means it’s waiting for the blockchain confirmation to finish, BTC blockchain can be very slow so just be patient.

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Exactly this ^ It can take time, please be patient it will arrive.

yes but 12 hours? really?

My first Monero transfer took almost 100 hours…would have taken longer, but I figured out how to link to a different node.

Patience, friend…patience.

it happened :slight_smile:

Hi, I recently made a purchase for safex via. Coinbase transaction was successful however, I don’t see my coins anywhere? Did I loose my money? How can I get my coins?

I think the wallet is very easy to use. I have been waiting over a day for a deposit, but I’m sure that due to the slow BTC blockchain. The only question I have is about my wallet connecting to the BTC and SAFE nodes. All the videos I have watched show that when they connect, it shows two green dots, but mine dont. It shows green outlined squares. On Windows. Is this the same as dots under the wallet status? Thanks in advance.

Mine does the same. It says synchronised and coins are in so all good

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Good to know, thanks. Been worrying me

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