Will you distribute Chiles to older versions of the SAFEX Wallet?

Hi SAFEX or anyone who knows… :iphone:

If we have an older version of the SAFEX wallet, will you still distribute the Chiles to it when they are issued? Or do we always have to have the latest updated wallet version?


It is extremely easy to update new wallets.
As long as you have your private key backed up you can’t go wrong.

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We need a wallet app for iPhone before chillie drop, I’ve been holding safex for ages now and I can’t make a wallet I only have a iPhone and the PC I use safex don’t support the window program, after holding safex for ages and to miss out of chilli coins is not far… please make a iOS wallet for iPhone or safari so many people would be in the same situation

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What OS do you run on your windows?

It only a work pc would be a older windows, when the download finished it say it don’t support 32bit I think that’s what it said I’ll try again tomorrow

There is a 32bit version floating around. Someone else should be able to provide a link. Think it was on github

Found it myself for ya.

I use the 32bit wallet and its excellent

Awesome thanks heaps I’ll get it first thing in the morning thanks heaps guys made my night

You will need to send your safex to the new blockchain in a few months to get the airdrop


macOS new wallet perfect transition… good on ya SAFEX all good :+1:

Am I correct to assume that this transaction will cost us the BTC network fees?

It would have to for anyone to want to pick up the transaction. A minor fee really. I would imagining that it’s the decision of the holder if they transfer to the new blockchain or Not.

Hi, I finely got the 32 bit wallet downloaded, I went to create new wallet then it asked me to make a password then repeat it and now I’m in the wallet… I now have a icon on the desk top…
how do I get my user Id or keys if I want to access it with a different computer?
I press create key it give me a lot of random letters numbers is that my key or my payment send receive address?

I sent 500safex it’s now pending in my wallet witch was pretty easy…

If I was to login on a different computer or mine crashed ect how do I get it?

I need like a user name or something ?

How do we get our privacy keys ?

Lol well I feel silly all
Done wallet 32bit works well got my keys all safe and locked up :)… bring on chillie drop them anytime you like dan

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