Withdraw safex cash and safex token

I have just had a look at the Coin Deal exchange and I notice that nearly 35,000 safex cash and close to 3000000 safex tokens have been traded on this exchange today. Can someone please tell me how the the owners of these coins managed to withdraw from the version 7 wallet , as my understanding the the withdrawal feature will not available till version 8 wallet is released. Is there something I have missed lately or are these the coins that been gained through mining, or is there another way to withdraw these coins. Would appreciate any comments from this forum.
Regards Joe.


You can still use the Safex Wallet CLI, which is the raw underlying tools that run the Safex blockchain.

You’ll need to familiarise yourself with the CLI interface. There isnt a direct tutorial for this yet as it’s quite complex, but i’ll try and get something organized this week.


you can send & receive both sfx & sft from wallet to coindeal & vice versa using macafee one click miner. it has a built in wallet function, just import dat file from safex wallet

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Thank you for your reply, are there any tutorials that explain how to do this as I am not computer savvy and would appreciate any help.

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Check out this video made by Richard at 05:55

It shows you how to import the keys into the McAfee miner wallet software.
After the migration you should have saved your new public key as well as the private view key and private spend key. Copy paste those three keys as shown in the video. Then choose a password and confirm it. Hope this works for you!

EDIT: Have you migrated your omni tokens in the v7 version already? After migration you can choose two options in order to be able to send your new coins.

  1. Import the .dat file from v7 wallet after migration into the McAfee miner wallet and access it with your password. Click “Open Wallet File”, choose correct file and your password.
  2. Import your keys like explained above and save as a new .dat file with new password.
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i made migration on 21.01.2019. In McAfee i created new wallet from keys, but until today i don’t see any safex . Can You Help me ?

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Script not executed yet, have patience.

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Thanks you so much, this is really helpful and I appreciate your help. I have completed the migration process and look forward to having a go at mining. Thanks again.

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